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Best Way to Storyboard

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Storyboard Template

Now you can develop stories using professional templates and plan your ideas with confidence.

Draft scenes for Hollywood blockbusters, feature films, television shows, TV commercials, YouTube clips, indie movies, corporate videos, online ads, video games, and other forms of visual media.

What Is a Storyboard?

Storyboards were first introduced by Walt Disney Productions (Steamboat Willie, 1928) in the 1930s. A series of images were laid out in sequence to explain how a film scene would unfold on the screen.

Steamboat Willie Storyboard c/o Buzzfeed
Steamboat Willie Storyboard c/o Buzzfeed

Today, storyboards are a staple in the entertainment industry.

They help everyone in the production team visualize the director’s vision so it can be executed flawlessly.

Storyboards show how the scene is to be set -- where cameras need to be placed, where subjects should be positioned in the frame, how the shot should be lit, how characters should react, and the direction where the talent should go.

Storyboard development is also viewed as a cost-saving measure since the production team can see if a concept would work before committing it to screen. It shows what elements you need or do not need on set for a scene to work. The better planned a scene is, the less time is wasted on set.

And because storyboards are done in panels, you can review each one and swap them out when a better panel is created.

For example, storyboarding helps give layers to video game characters. While some games live off of their mechanics and playability, others that follow a narrative require storyboarding to help flesh out the gameplay interactions.

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Free Storyboard Template for Commercials

Our storyboard template will help you share your vision so your client can sell more products.

Here are some tips on creating storyboards for commercials:

Keep It Organized

Describe how all elements will come together on screen. Include lines from your voice actor, instructions for on-screen talent, props to be used, and the setting where the commercial will take place.

The more information there is, the clearer it will be for everyone involved.

Include Audio Details

Music helps establish a mood. If music will play a crucial role in your commercial, make a note of it in the storyboard.

Do not forget to mention sound effects if there are any.

Camera Instructions

Say what the camera will do. Will it pan to the left or right? Will it zoom in? Will it follow the talent?

Laying out these details will help readers visualize how a scene would play out.

Explain Visual Effects

It’s hard to imagine visual effects when looking at a still image. On-screen graphics on every panel should be explained.

If a phone number or a store location would flash on the screen, be sure to include a note that says so.

Character Dialogue

State what each character would say on each panel. This would establish where each line of dialogue would land when transferred on screen.

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and Bring Your Ideas to Life!
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Storyboard Template for Film & TV

Storyboarding for Film & TV is a fun way of relaying your ideas and concepts. It helps bring out your creativity to share with others.

Downloading our storyboard template is the first step towards getting your film or show on screen.

Here are some tips on developing a comprehensive Film & TV storyboard.

Focus on the Story

Your main objective is to sell your story. So make sure you establish on every panel what’s happening to the characters and the emotions they’re feeling.

If your production team doesn’t know what’s going on, chances are the audience would feel disconnected.

Character Direction

How the characters act on each panel will help readers understand their predicament. If an actor is depressed, the storyboard panel should show the actor with his head down,if he’s happy, then he should be standing upright and look chipper.

Pay Attention to Clarity

Conveying information in panels can be a handful. That’s why each panel should be clear so the information isn’t muddled.

There shouldn’t be any question about a character’s actions, intentions, and emotions.

Use Thumbnails to Explain Simpler Panels

If a scene is not as complex for the main storyboard, use thumbnails to get the message across.

These could include quick actions like an actor turning left or staring at a distance. Thumbnails are there to add more information but aren’t that integral to the main story.

Take Note of Your Perspective

Where would all the props be? The props in your panels should be drawn from the right perspective.

This is so everything looks right at first glance and the production team isn’t thrown off.

Free Storyboard Template in Multiple Formats

Our storyboard template can be used across different platforms.

We understand that most users don’t have access to expensive storyboarding programs. So we’ve focused on providing a template to be used on the most popular and accessible applications on the planet.

And we also understand that storyboards go beyond movies and television. Our storyboard template can be used for animation, music videos, and video games too.

Having the right storyboard at your fingertips gives you the power to flesh out details for whatever project you have going on in your life.

Best of all, our template is available to download for free!

Check our template today and get started with your storyboard with a click of a button.

Create a Storyboard Template Online
and Bring Your Ideas to Life!
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Storyboarding Resources

If this is your first time creating a storyboard, the process can seem intimidating. That’s why we’ve created online resources to help you get started.

So before you download the storyboard template, we encourage you to check out some of these informative blog posts.

How to Create a Storyboard

We explain some of the key principles in creating a storyboard. We talk about perception, literacy, motion, and fidelity and how they should be integrated into a storyboard.

This piece is a fantastic jumping point for aspiring storyboard artists.

Perspectives: Celtx In The Writer’s Room

Inspiration comes in many forms. In this post, professional writer Brian Levant (Mork & Mindy, Happy Days, and Married... With Children) shares his experience with story development.

His story is definitely worth checking out, especially for those who are new to the business.

Understanding the Shot List

You want to create a storyboard that everyone in the film industry understands. So you’ll need to learn industry-standard terms and how they should be used.

This blog post lists down some key terms for developing a shot list.

Writing Action: Four Tips to Make Your Script Move

Action is inevitable in storyboarding. And in this post, you’ll get a better feel for breaking down action in a movie and transferring that into your storyboard.

If you want to relay action scenes better in your storyboard, this blog post will definitely get you there.

Professional Storyboard Template for Download

Anyone who wants their stories to be taken seriously needs professional blank storyboard templates.

So why not try our free storyboard template?

We’ve taken the hassle out of creating your own template so you can focus on what really matters — your story.

Select from one of our many template file formats and/or create one for free with Celtx!