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The industry-standard for script writing software

Format your script professionally with multi-format script editors for film & TV, theater, documentaries, and other media. Celtx will automatically format your script to industry standards so you can pitch it like a pro or take your script further with the Celtx Studio.

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Craft a great idea into an even better script

Celtx plays a leading role in developing your script. Whether framing scenes with the storyboard or planning story beats with the Beat Board, Celtx’s story development tools help conceptualize, write, and enrich your script.

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Powerful pre-production planning

Get a complete picture of your production before the camera starts rolling with Celtx’s powerful pre-production tools. Organize shot lists, break down your script scene by scene, scout locations, and maintain catalogs. Anchor your cast and crew’s expectations with scheduling and keep your production from going off-script.

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An all-in-one production studio

Bring your script to life with production tools that take you from concept to camera. With Celtx, you can create call sheets, shot lists, and sides, to keep your cast and crew on the same page during a shoot. Simplify script changes with revision tracking, create a budget and keep expenses in check with cost reporting.

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Co-write, create, and collaborate

We built Celtx for creative collaboration. Invite others to read, edit, or approve your script using text-anchored comments. See co-writers work on your script with presence awareness. As your script takes shape, Celtx keeps your project organized with a complete history of script revisions, feedback, and approvals.

As a scriptwriter myself - and someone who has seen thousands of scripts good and bad - I can tell you that Celtx empowers storytellers to write great scripts that really stand out.”
Elliot GroveFounder, Raindance Film Festival

Industry Solutions From Celtx

Transform workflows, foster collaboration, and manage creative enterprise with software solutions that meet your industry-specific needs.

Celtx for Games

On another fetch quest for the right narrative design tool? Your search ends with Celtx. Bring interactive storytelling to the next level with powerful visualizations, scalability, and collaborative workflows for interactive media.

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Celtx for Education

When it comes to interdisciplinary arts education, Celtx checks all the boxes. Prepare students for rewarding careers in creative industries with first-in-class studio tools, accessible in and out of the classroom.

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Celtx for Business

Chaos promotes creativity. But left unchecked, it can get in the way of your goals. Channel creativity into repeatable processes and streamline workflows to maximize your virtual production team’s potential.

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