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Story development tools for storytellers

Lay the groundwork for a great script with the beat sheet, storyboards, and script insights.

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Grow your great idea into a great script with these story development tools

Beat Sheet

Visualize your story before you start writing. This powerful visualization tool makes planning and arranging story beats easy.


Bring your script to life with the Storyboard. The script editor connects directly to the storyboard to give you flexibility in storytelling.

Script Goals & Insights

Track your progress and analyze your story - no matter what stage it's in.

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Celtx Spotlight

Brian Levant

The intuitiveness of the script editors enables even new users to easily translate their thoughts into words. An added and unique feature of Celtx is the ability for two or more writers to collaborate simultaneously, regardless of their location, and even via mobile devices, which has been an invaluable tool...”
Brian LevantHollywood writer, director, and producer

A Production Studio for the Connected Creative


Foster team collaboration with features like script-anchored feedback. Use @mentions to notify others and keep an open dialogue until the best idea wins.

Presence Awareness

Collaborating in Celtx is easy. When more than one co-writer has a script open for editing, presence-awareness shows you their cursor position and highlights text changes in real-time.

Sharing and Permissions

Give creative license to other Celtx users to read, edit, or comment on your script.

Shareable Links

Share your project for feedback and approvals with read-only access links.

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