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Celtx takes your writing from good to great.

Getting started is easy with our multi-format script editors

Prep for success with script development tools

Beat Sheet

Visualize your story before you start writing. This powerful visualization tool makes planning and arranging story beats easy.


Bring your script to life with the Storyboard. The script editor connects directly to the storyboard to give you flexibility in storytelling.

Script Goals & Insights

Track your progress and analyze your story - no matter what stage it's in.

Celtx is the scriptwriting app for collaborative creation

Transform a great idea into a production-ready script

Celtx automatically formats your script to industry-standard formatting so you can focus on crafting your story. Workshop your great ideas into an even better script with collaboration tools.

Group work...that actually works

Stay connected with group members in and out of the classroom. With Celtx, you can work together on a script in real-time. Presence awareness shows you who’s actively working on the script for better project coordination. Script-anchored comments let you highlight sections for review, and @mentioning lets you tag collaborators.

Explore more with Celtx

Master scriptwriting and media production at your own pace. Celtx offers in-app walkthroughs to help you easily navigate the studio. For in-depth tutorials, explore the Celtx Help Center or our Fundamentals Series. Or, take a deep dive into the Celtx blog, where you’ll find dozens of articles written by industry experts on writing fundamentals, plus pitch-perfect career advice for breaking into the biz.

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Frequently asked questions

Billing Questions

Is there a monthly billing option?

Yes. Celtx plans are available with either monthly or annual billing cycle. Choose annual billing for the most cost-effective plan and save up to three months of billing on your subscription.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Celtx accepts major credit cards and mobile payment services, including Visa/Visa Debit, MasterCard/MasterCard Debit, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, China UnionPay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Will my plan renew automatically?

Yes. Your plan will automatically renew at the end of your billing cycle. You can cancel at any time.

Do you offer a student discount?

Our goal is to make Celtx scriptwriting and media production tools accessible to as many creators as possible. That’s why we’ve made Celtx free to students of an academic institution subscribing to either a Celtx for Education or Classroom plan. These plans subsidize the cost of your Celtx subscription and are available to K-12 schools, school districts, post-secondary institutions, film schools, and non-profit organizations. Ask your course instructor to inquire about Celtx for education plans at www.celtx.com/education-contact.

Subscription Questions

How do I change my plan?

Log into your online studio at celtx.com, select 'Management' then 'Plan' from the left-hand side of your studio. Here, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your level of service.

How do I update my payment information?

Log into your online studio at celtx.com, select 'Management' then 'Plan' from the left-hand side of your studio. Scroll down to the 'Review Your Billing' section, select “Payment Information,” and proceed to update.

How do I view and customize my invoice?

Log into your online studio at celtx.com, select 'Management' then 'Plan' from the left-hand side of your studio. Scroll down to the 'Review Your Billing' section. From here you can select “Billing History” to view, print, or download receipts from your list of receipts as a PDF. To customize the information that appears on your receipt, select “Receipt Information” and proceed to add your details.

How do I downgrade or cancel my subscription?

You can downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. Log into your online studio at celtx.com, select ‘Management' then ‘Plan' from the left-hand side of your studio. Scroll down to ‘Review Your Billing’. Select ‘Change Plan’ to downgrade your plan based on your current needs, or select ‘Cancel Plan’ to end your subscription and revert to a free studio.

Collaborator Questions

How do I add collaborators to my Celtx projects?

You can share your work with co-writers, friends, etc., by selecting 'Share' on any of your projects. If you'd like these collaborators to be able to use the same paid features that you have access to, you can add them as paid studio collaborators.

What is a paid studio collaborator?

A paid studio collaborator is a Celtx user whose subscription is paid for by your account. When you add a collaborator, they receive the same subscription type as you. If you upgrade your subscription, this too will apply to any paid studio collaborator seats on your account.

How do I add a paid studio collaborator?

To add a paid studio collaborator, go to 'Management', then 'Plan' on the left-hand side of your studio. From the 'Create together' section, you can add collaborators to your current subscription so they can also use the same features as you.

How do I manage paid studio collaborators?

Your paid studio collaborators are managed from your Studio Management Page. Select 'Management,' then 'Plan' on the left-hand side of your studio. You can add or remove paid studio collaborators from your subscription at any time in the 'Create together' section.

How does the Team plan differ from adding paid studio collaborators to the Writer or Writer Pro plans?

The Team plan includes you and four to fourteen (4-14) additional studio collaborators that are included in the base price of your Team plan. If you work with several people consistently, whether the same people all the time or a rotating crew of collaborators, you can self-manage who on your team will be a part of your subscription at any given time. Our Writer and Writer Pro plans will allow you to add paid studio collaborators to your individual subscription as needed and at an additional cost per studio collaborator. This is ideal if you work with fewer than four (4) people regularly.