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Call the shots with video production management software

Create detailed shot lists, schedule cast and crew, simplify script changes, and track production expenses with Celtx’s all-in-one studio.

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Video production management made easy


Use industry-standard templates to build your film budget, document, and assign costs for all your production needs. Generate valuable budget reports, and keep your finger on the pulse of the forecasted and actual costs of your production.

Call Sheets

Keep your cast and crew on the same page. Dynamically generate call sheets that reference information from your scripts, schedule, and production catalog update in real-time. Download a free template.

Production Reports

Get a snapshot of your production with industry-standard reports like the day out of days, one-line schedule, shooting sides, and more. Take the legwork out of reporting with access to real-time data from the studio.

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Built for production teams

Streamlined Production Workflows

The Celtx Studio’s connected workflows revolve around the script, ensuring every production team member stays engaged, organized, and informed.

Creative Collaboration

Break down barriers between your production team with a collaborative, all-in-one, cloud-based video production studio.

Production Simplified

Feeling the content crunch? Celtx’s production management software automates routine tasks to increase your team’s productivity and free up more time for creativity.

All-in-One Studio

Go from concept to camera. Celtx studio includes tools for every production team member to produce professional video content.

A production studio for the connected creative


Foster team collaboration with features like script-anchored feedback. Use @mentions to notify others and keep an open dialogue until the best idea wins.

Presence Awareness

Collaborating in Celtx is easy. When more than one co-writer has a script open for editing, presence-awareness shows you their cursor position and highlights text changes in real-time.

Sharing and Permissions

Give creative license to other Celtx users to read, edit, or comment on your script.

Shareable Links

Share your project for feedback and approvals with read-only access links.

Celtx Spotlight

Lucentum Productions

From the moment we started using Celtx, we realized it was the perfect way to standardize client communication and facilitate a good flow of feedback.”
Chema BazánOwner, Lucentum Productions

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