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Script writing software for storytellers

Craft your great idea into an even better script with Celtx's multi-format script editors and integrated story development tools.

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Professionally format your script with industry-standard editors


Film & TV Screenplay Editor

Elevate your story to Hollywood standards with an auto-formatting screenplay editor. Focus on crafting your story, not your formatting.

Stageplay Editor

Easily format elements of your script for clear stage direction and keep your dream cast on the same page.

Multi-Column AV Editor

Accelerate your creative process by combining your story and visuals in a single dynamic document.

Interactive Media Editor

Looking for a script editor for video games and interactive media? Explore Celtx's writer-focused, developer-friendly narrative design tool, Celtx Gem.


Celtx Script Writer Spotlight Kiyoka Rhodes

Find out how script writer Kiyoka Rhodes used the Celtx script writing editor to bring her story to life.

“When it was time to write the screenplay, Celtx was a huge factor in the drafting phase. Utilizing the Celtx Revision [tracking] feature was very effective…the Read Through feature with different character voices was great to use.”
Kiyoka Rhodes Emmy-nominated writer, producer, director, and award-winning filmmaker

Structured storytelling for your creative type


Focus on telling your story, not your formatting. Present your idea professionally with auto-formatting script editors for film & TV, broadcasting, and stageplays.

Script Insights

Celtx analyzes your script as you work. Set goals, track your performance and when your creative mind is at its most productive.

Predictive Text

As you type your script, Celtx will predict likely choices for the next word. Think of it as having your very own ghostwriter.

Revision Tracking

Had it right the first time? Restore your script to an earlier draft. Reference previous versions in your complete script history list organized by date, time, and the user who made the save.

Script writing tools for the connected creative


Collaborate with your colleagues and add script-anchored feedback to your script. Use @ mentions to notify others and keep an open dialogue until the best idea wins.

Presence Awareness

Collaboration in Celtx is easy. When more than one co-writer has your script open, presence-awareness will let you know.

Sharing and Permissions

Give creative license to other Celtx users to read, edit, or comment on your script.

Shareable Links

Share your project with others using read-only access links to your script.

Craft your idea with story development tools

Try the complete suite of Celtx script writing, story development, and video pre-production tools free for your first 7 days.

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