Celtx Logo Use

Want to show your support for Celtx or Celtx Script for iPhone/iPad? Well, among other things, you can do so by placing our Conditional Use logos on your web site or using them in written publication.

Celtx Logo (please link to http://www.celtx.com)

(Right click the above images and choose 'Save to Desktop' or 'Save Image As...')

The Conditional Use Logos may be used without specific written permission from Celtx under the following conditions:

The use cannot be harmful to, or damage, the brand, reputation or goodwill of Celtx. We reserve the right to revoke our authorization at any time, and for any reason. If revoked, you agree to immediately cease using the Conditional Use Logo.

You will not acquire any rights to any Celtx Trade Mark through your use of any Celtx Conditional Use Logo.