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Celtx Introduces Celtx Gem: A Major Update to Its Narrative Design Solution for Video Game and Interactive Media Creators

Celtx Introduces Celtx Gem: A Major Update to Its Narrative Design Solution for Video Game and Interactive Media Creators

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador (May 10, 2022) - Celtx, a leading media production software developer, today announced the release of Celtx Gem, the latest version of its narrative design tool for video game studios that integrates storytelling into production pipelines. Celtx Gem is powered by an entirely new purpose-built technology stack that offers video game developers the ability to architect expansive node-based narrative structures to keep pace with consumers' demand for more immersive storytelling and engaging experiences.

“A typical screenplay for a two-hour feature film will have, on average, 1,000 lines of dialogue. By comparison, an immersive world video game may have more than 60,000 lines of dialogue that need to be shared with other departments such as design, cinematics, animation, production, and audio,” said Mark Kennedy, Celtx co-founder, and CEO. “Celtx Gem ensures that all teams and departments can easily collaborate at scale.”

Created in development with key partners in the video game industry, Celtx Gem adds new functionality and enhances existing features to help video game developers better manage narrative design. Product highlights include:

  • Scalable platform with user-defined hierarchies keeps narrative structures organized for editing and identification.
  • Rapid prototyping tools create a highly presentable interactive story map to visualize narrative structures.
  • Screenplay-style editor addresses the prevalence of professional film & TV writers joining the industry by offering a familiar writing environment.
  • Automated data modeling ensures that all narrative content can be easily exported and integrated with the game production pipeline.
  • Logic connects with narrative design through custom conditions and variables, enabling the export of projects in open file formats commonly used in video game production.
  • Collaborative tools bring together teams in a cloud-based studio for greater creativity.

“We believe Celtx and their collaborative tool is a key part of our writing pipeline and has been a strong partner supporting our development needs,” says Zac Litton, CTO for Telltale, a leading narrative game development studio and publisher.

Celtx Gem provides the technical lift to accelerate narrative design with features once reserved for in-house-developed narrative design platforms. Today, video games offer more immersive experiences and greater player agency. Video game developers now have a way to manage the large scope of narrative design and content commensurate with lengthy video game development projects.

“Today, narrative-driven AAA game development delivers immersive storytelling experiences on par with traditional entertainment like film and TV,” says Kennedy. “With Celtx Gem, we've paired Celtx's robust story development and media production tools with narrative design tools in a single solution to increase creative collaboration, and help studios shorten their production pipelines.”

To learn how interactive media creators can streamline production with Celtx Gem's narrative design tools, visit gem.backlight.co

About Celtx

Celtx, a Backlight business, creates cloud-based software for the early stages of media production designed for collaborating, organizing, and producing media projects like film & TV, commercials, documentaries, games and interactive media, and podcasts. Celtx's software is used by creatives and companies worldwide to achieve streamlined production workflows from concept to camera. For more information, visit www.celtx.com.

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Backlight is a media technology company that dramatically improves video content ideation, production, post production and distribution. Launched in 2022 with funding from PSG, Backlight acquired media software businesses ftrack, Celtx, iconik, Wildmoka and Zype. Video-forward organizations utilize Backlight to solve their mission-critical business and operational challenges. For more information, visit www.backlight.co.


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