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Congratulations to our 3rd Crop of 2012 Seeds!

  • One Day
    Duc Nguyen

    The short film is about a journey of a mysterious man whose face is hidden under a human-skin mask. Who is he? Where is he going? What is his plan? Nobody knows, but to him, he has been waiting a lifetime for this one day.

    Duc Nguyen is an upcoming Vietnamese filmmaker who studied film in US. After going back to his homeland in 2010, Duc has been working hard to build his filmmaking career. In 2012, he won several national and international awards with his short film "One Day" in which he wrote, produced, directed, shot, edited and color graded. Duc is looking for fund to make his full feature film debut, also the first Vietnamese zombie film, "Betrayal of Humanity."

  • Un-armed Robbery

    A man attempts to rob a liquor store with one arm. With a paper bag in front of him, the robber realizes he has no way of escaping without relinquishing the gun. Created by Seth Craven.

  • Kodak 135

    While on a camping trip through the New England wilderness, a photographer stops in an out-of-the-way general store. Created by C.H. Chaisson.

  • I'd Rather Have a Memory Than a Dream

    Vivid memories and old dreams blend into idyllic and grubby extremes, as an old man can't get a particular girl out of his mind. Created by Matt Strachan.

  • Seba

    Seba's fear causes her to blindly attack a friend on the street. Using mindfulness, faith, and a bit of courage, she makes an attempt to ameliorate the situation. Created by Carlos Jackson.

  • Monday

    This modern-day fairytale is about a man called Monday who, due to a fatal allergy to serotonin, would quite literally die if ever he felt happiness. Created by Jack Lawrence.

  • Suckablood

    A gothic tale of a girl scared to suck her thumb - lest the monstrous Suckablood should come! Written and directed by Ben Tillett and Jake Cuddihy, and Produced by series creator Ben Franklin.

  • Zewdu the Street Child

    Zewdu is a street child who sells chewing gum and sleeps under a car in the city of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Enrico Parenti is an Italian-American filmmaker who attended Cinema studies in Barcelona.

  • Kyasma // Radioactivity

    This is the music video for the swiss band Kyasma's first single "Radioactivity." Jean-Paul Frenay is a Belgian director, visual artist and musician.

  • So Natural!

    Thought your childbirth was natural? Not like ours. A series about how cool, hip and of course, natural we are. Leena Pendharkar is the award-winning writer and director of So Natural.

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We know the world just can't get enough of attacking alpacas but celtx Seeds is for videos that tell a story. Traditionally, this means a beginning, middle and end.
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There's no entry fee and anyone with a celtx account can apply
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The Seeds program is currently closed. Submissions will not be accepted until the program resumes.
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Just follow YouTube's Content Ratings.
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We'll be pleased to recognize the team behind the project in our promotion, but must receive the submission from the person able to license the work.
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If your video is selected for a Seeds 3rd Crop grant, we'll require a logline and synopsis for promotional use. As well, we'll require a signed license allowing us non-exclusive right to promote/show your work. Once this is in place you will receive your grant (usually the same day).
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You allow us to promote your work, but we do not have the exclusive right to do so (i.e. you are free to bring your work to other promoters/producers).
Which languages are acceptable?
We welcome submissions in any language. We do ask that non-English submissions be captioned in English.
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Ads may appear on your videos on YouTube. We have no means to attribute ad revenue to specific projects, so any revenue received will not be shared and will be reinvested in future editions of celtx Seeds.

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  • Vacuity
    Michael Matzur

    Trapped in a dying space station's airlock, Alan must choose between living to see his family again or sacrificing himself to save the lives of his crew.

    Michael Matzur is a filmmaker originally from Vancouver, Washington. He recently completed his college degree at the School of Film and Photography - Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana where he wrote and directed several films including Vacuity. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

    Learn more about Michael at

  • Humans

    Not the zombie movie you think it is. Written & produced by Sam Wardhan. Directed by Philip Stevens.

  • Pearl Was Here

    A short film about a girl who hides out in a claw machine to escape her abusive home-life. Written, directed, and edited by Kate Marks.

  • Amor

    In a city where young, rich people pay what it takes to get what they want, Thomas offers a most unusual service. Written and directed by Thomas Wangsmo.

  • A Senior Moment

    A group of retirees get their hands on the latest technologies. Written, directed, and produced by Michelle Davidson.

  • Absent

    Absent is a short horror film. Submitted by Christian Ruh for a class assignment that represented great storytelling in under fifteen minutes in length.

  • The Devil in the Drycleaning

    Jacob Nemeth is a junior at Ohio University studying video production. He is currently enrolled in the School of Media Art & Studies with a focus in video editing.

  • The Code

    The Code was written, shot and edited for Splatterfest, a 48 hour horror film contest. Written and produced by Alan Tregoning and Jason Walter Vaile.

  • BAT

    Molly Fisher is a Brooklyn-based writer and director. In 2010 she graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Department of Dramatic Writing and received NYU's 2010 John Golden Playwriting Prize.

  • Halbschlaf

    The first short fiction film written and directed by Johannes Hartmann. He's had several collaborations in short film, music video and commercial productions.

  • Lost Children

    The director of Lost Children, Teodor, is a student at VSMU, Bratislava. Her work on Lost Children has been rewarded with a Best Cinematography award at Acko festival.

  • Pvt. Craine

    Ben Mallaby has been making shorts since graduating from film school. Pvt. Craine is an official selection at Rushes Soho Shorts.

  • Stepping into the Future

    St. Thomas More Catholic High School, in Lafayette, La implemented a 1:1 tablet program as well as a student run help desk. Being an employee of the STM Help Desk, Brennan Robideaux was inspired to create this film.

  • Process

    Process is a near-future science-fiction web series that follows six people struggling to survive in a city that is changing before their eyes.

  • Beard's Company

    Welcome to the Brotherhood, where the timeless tradition of growing a beard stays strong between five friends. Created by Zach Voss.

  • Reality dot TV

    Reality dot TV is a sketch comedy show. Written, Directed, & Edited by Rogin Kim.

  • Le Greenboy

    A super-normal eco hero is born in Paris! Created by Jérôme Genevray.

  • Dirge

    No man is an island...the same goes for computers. Created by Aaron Kirk.

  • Ghosts with
    Shit Jobs

    In the flipped economy of 2040, North Americans now do the undesirable jobs catering to the Asian and Indian markets. Created by Jim Munroe.

  • Hot Mess - Zipper

    A webseries about true cosmopolite catastrophe. Created by Amy Kersten.

  • Last Days -
    Ante Diem

    A young doctor gets a sweet, very well paid gig in Buenos Aires, thousands of miles from his native Canada. But finds there is much more to the job than anticipated. Created by Chad Kukahiko

  • Meat the Parents

    Brian's finally meeting Annabelle's dad, Mr. Dalton. All is certain to go to plan provided he can present himself as the successful young male that he's not, his ex-girlfriend/current stalker doesn't interfere and he can survive the dinner and get over the fact that Mr. Dalton is a cannibal.

  • Squid Ruin Everything!

    Cynthia talks about the news until a pair of squid decide to invade. Their bickering prevents her from getting anything done. Created by Cynthia Kelly