Start to finish pre‑production

From your first draft to your last shot, you can do it all in Celtx.

Create scripts, storyboards, breakdowns, schedules, budgets, and cast & crew reports for your production.

3,000,000+ people use Celtx to create their media

Go from script to shoot with an all‑in‑one studio

  • Create anywhere, anytime

    Get online tools that make it easy to use any computer to format scripts and create productions.

  • Work better together

    Instantly share documents with your entire team and work together on productions in real time.

  • The one software that does it all

    Software that does it all

    Create everything your project needs like scripts, storyboards, shot lists, scene breakdowns, budgets, schedules, and more.

An all-in-one suite of cutting-edge tools to improve your creativity and team chemistry

  • Write your scripts

    Write screenplays, stageplays, AV and more formatted to industry-standards, and get innovative tools like collaborative writing and a complete version history.

  • Storyboard your shots

    Create storyboards and draw camera and lighting setups right in your browser. Create with hundreds of clip-art images that make the drawing process fast and easy.

  • Breakdown your scenes

    Tag your script and identify elements from 36 standard categories - like Props, Cast, and Locations. Breakdowns pre-populate in your production schedule and reports.

  • Create your shot lists

    Set up descriptive layouts and settings for each scene and shot. Label the shot type, angle, movement and equipment.

  • Organize your shoot days

    Schedule productions using standard stripboard and calendar views. Prepare informative stripboard and shooting reports and call sheets for cast and crew.

  • Keep it all on budget

    Precisely budget your productions using over 80 different conventional budget categories.

Why should I switch from desktop software to an online studio?

If you’re using conventional desktop software, you’ll find a Celtx online studio makes creating and collaborating quicker and easier.

Keep everyone and everything up to date

Tired of "pass the baton" style of sharing thumb drives and getting lost in emails? Celtx lets you share files instantly with partners who can edit and comment on everything you work on.

A faster all-in-one workflow that makes your life easier

Why use different software for scriptwriting, storyboarding, scheduling, and so on? With Celtx you can do all your pre-production in the same place.

Affordable pricing that saves you money

Why spend hundreds of dollars on desktop software and updates? Celtx Studios start at just $9.99/month and you get all the updates for free.