Desktop Software

Extend your online studio with Celtx OS X desktop software and work offline. Plus, use your studio to store projects created with classic Celtx or Celtx Plus desktop software.

Script for Mac

Write your next script with the Celtx screenwriting app tailored for your Mac. Script is lightweight and lightning quick, with just the features you need to maximize your writing pleasure.

Script for Mac
Access your files from the cloud when you connect your desktop software with your Celtx account.

With Script you can write properly formatted screenplays, stageplays, comics, AV scripts and audioplays. Script syncs with your Celtx online studio and with Celtx on your iPad/iPhone and Android devices. So you can write anywhere, anytime, while always working off the latest draft, plus share scripts and collaborate with partners everywhere. Available on the Mac App Store.

  • Shots for Mac

    Want to eliminate mistakes on set before they happen - and save time and money on your next production? Then get Shots - the innovative and super-useful pre-vis tool.

    With Shots you'll be fully prepared for the shoot. You can add images to storyboard sequences, set camera angles and descriptions for each shot, and tie-in camera and lighting setups that you can easily sketch yourself from the more than 600 included clip-art images.

    Shots for Mac also makes it easy to backup files to your Celtx studio and sync projects with your iPad/iPhone - so you can take your pre-vis everywhere. And - bonus! - Shots for Mac comes with a storyboard player built in, so you can view the flow of your work and save all your boards as animatic movies.

Classic Desktop Software

Get our full-featured or free official desktop software

Celtx Desktop for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Celtx puts powerful writing, pre-visualisation and productivity tools right at your fingertips, putting you in control of how your story takes shape.

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Celtx Plus for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Get the complete Celtx setup for your desktop. Download Celtx pre-loaded with the Writer’s Pack and 625 Clip Art Images add-ons. Save 40% off the purchase of individual add-ons.

Celtx Plus User Guide   |   Re-install Celtx plus/Add-ons

School pricing for students and instructors

Add-ons for Celtx Desktop

Get all the add-ons for the full experience or just the ones you need

Writers Pack & 625 Images

Already have Celtx on your desktop? Make it 'Celtx Plus' by adding on the Writer’s Pack of 3 pro-writing tools, plus 625 scalable clip art images for shot blocking and sketching. Save 40% off the purchase of individual add-ons.

Add-Ons User Guide

Clip Art

625 Clip Art Images*

Create drawings, setups, sketches and layouts inside celtx. Images scale with no loss of definition.

Choose from people and characters, animals, filmmaking equipment, location setup, directional arrows, sound effects and speech bubbles, home and office furniture, exteriors, vehicles, sci-fi and horror, halloween, and holidays.

Add-Ons User Guide

*Discounted and pre-installed in celtx Plus.

Writers Pack

Writer's Pack*

Customize your writing setup and get valuable insights into how your stories take shape.

  • Index cards with timeline and plot view
  • Paper card and cork board index card theme
  • Distraction-free full screen writing
  • Personalised text and background colours
  • Writing session timer
  • Writing progress reports

Add-Ons User Guide

*Discounted and pre-installed in celtx Plus.

The Writers Pack add-on features are also available individually

Clip Art

Plot View

View and organize your index cards by timeline and plot to get a clear picture of how your story is taking shape.

Add-Ons User Guide

Clip Art

Full Screen Mode

Write scripts without distraction and personalize your text and background colours.

Add-Ons User Guide

Performance Tracker

Know your writing progress and habits. Get insightful reports on every session and script.

Add-Ons User Guide

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