Narrative design tools for interactive media creators

Streamline, scale, and integrate narrative into your game design and visualize complex story structures easily.

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Writer-focused, developer friendly

Contextual Script Editor

Writers will feel at home with a screenwriting-style script editor that appears where and when you need it. Automatically format narrative content such as gameplay, character, dialogue, or parenthetical elements for quick querying and editing.

Story Map

Map out your story with a visual representation that anyone can understand. Visualize complex narrative elements as nodes representing sequences, branch points, and connections to help orient narrative designers and game writers.

Rapid Prototyping Tools

Set a path for your writers. Quickly build a narrative framework with placeholder content using templating, prompt generation, and callback tools.

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Scalable storytelling & organization

Nested Hierarchy

Untangle your project complexity by organizing narrative structures into user-defined hierarchies. Break down an epic saga into episodic quests, or arrange a visual novel into chapters. The choice is yours.

Massively Scalable Platform

Realize your ambition with the power of cloud-based performance optimized for any workload. Create story maps of unlimited scope and streamline narrative design through repeatable narrative structures.

Mass Editing

Video game scripts are much longer than a typical screenplay. Eliminate the tedium of editing narrative assets across your production. Quickly scan for a character name or terminology used across your project and edit, or replace all instances en masse as you prepare your game script for production.

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Collaboration at every level

Connected Workflow

Bring your key creatives together in a single, secure, cloud-based workspace that facilitates seamless collaboration at every step of the narrative design process – including project-wide communication powered by an internal commenting and tagging system.

Presence Awareness

Coordinate your narrative design and avoid version conflicts. User presence in the story map means you can see when other collaborators on your team are working on narrative elements.

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Production ready

Data Modelling

Drive your game engine using your project’s narrative structure and content. When you’re ready to build your story into a playable game, a robust data export system lets you export your project into open file formats commonly used in video game production.


Lay the groundwork for game logic directly in your project with custom conditions and variables. Use the built-in heatmap to observe and review logic paths in your narrative structure.

Flexible & fast to launch


No two studios are alike. JSON metadata structure provides an adaptable framework to support your studio’s unique narrative design content, whether you’re producing simple narratives or complex branching decision-based games.

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Fast time to value

Studio configuration takes minutes, not weeks, with the platform’s cloud-based infrastructure. Substantially reduce your production pipeline and get a technical lift once reserved for custom-built or proprietary narrative design solutions.

Chart your path forward in non-linear narrative design for your next video game or interactive media project with Celtx Gem.

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