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Built For Digital Storytellers
One system, unlimited creativity: Gem provides an entirely new way to develop and manage interactive narratives.
Weave your story the way you see it. With a unique sequence-based script structure, gameplay-specific elements, and intuitive branching, writers can easily create decision-oriented narratives with unlimited scope.
Gem’s Storymap feature generates a scalable graphical representation of your narrative in real time. Expanding in sync with your story, the Storymap streamlines navigation and orientation within complex narrative structures.
A single, secure cloud-based workspace facilitates seamless collaboration at every step of the development process. Synchronous editing and consistent version control keeps every member of your team engaged, informed, and versatile.
"We found that available technology was actually limiting the depth of our storytelling - until now. Gem allows our team to fully explore their creativity."Ajané J.K. Celestin
Creative Director
Aeon Dream Studios
"Gem is a game-changer for writing games! It makes every part of a game writer's job easier."Robert Denton Bryant & Keith Giglio
Authors of Slay the Dragon! Writing Great Video Games
"Gem is a great organizational tool that will save time and improve efficiency for anyone producing narrative-focused games."Ryan Hale
Studio Head
Other Ocean Interactive
Characters, settings, items, mechanics, and more - everything that makes up your interactive experience will be instantly tagged and defined. In-depth reports and breakdowns on your story components will always be a click away.
With unique asset-by-asset identifiers and .JSON export, you will be able to easily harness and integrate your Gem script data into your team’s development toolchain.
Dedicated customer success agents and hands-on training ensures that your team stays productive. Celtx provides tailored customization and enhancements that exceed production requirements.