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Comprehensive, Collaborative Game Writing.

Bring instant horsepower to your team’s storytelling workflow: plan, write, and manage interactive narrative content.

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Changing the Game for Writers

Our Game & VR editor is built with writers in mind to make creating interactive narratives easy and intuitive while also providing the broader development team with expansive, exportable data models.


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plan features

Plan Features

Scriptwriting Reimagined

Weave your story the way you see it. By housing familiar screenplay-style script editing within a branching sequence-based structure, our Game & VR editor enables writers to easily create nonlinear, decision-oriented narratives of unlimited scope.

Shareable Playthroughs

Let others explore your narrative the way you intended with shareable playthroughs. These stylish, information-rich documents walk readers through your script from start to finish while allowing them to make choices along the way – perfect for playtesting, client approval, and more.

Dynamic Visualization

The Story Map feature generates a scalable, customizable, graphical representation of your narrative. Expanding in sync with your story, the Story Map streamlines navigation and orientation within complex narrative structures.

In-Depth Asset Management

Characters, settings, items, mechanics, and more – every moving part of your narrative can be instantly tagged, defined, and tracked. This information is automatically compiled into filterable reports for export and review.


Professional users can lay the groundwork for game logic directly inside their Game & VR scripts using the custom Condition & Variables system. With a built-in heat map feature, this system also allows you to observe and check your logic paths at a high level. Click here to learn more.

Superior Collaboration

Celtx brings your key creatives together in a single, secure, cloud-based workspace that facilitates seamless collaboration at every step of the narrative design process – including project-wide communication powered by an internal commenting and tagging system.

Toolchain Integration

With unique asset-by-asset identifiers and .JSON export, you will be able to easily harness and integrate your Celtx script data into your team’s development toolchain. This data can be tailored to only include specific elements, or can cover your entire project from start to finish.

Dedicated Support

On-call customer success agents and hands-on training ensures that your team stays productive. Should you require additional functionality, Celtx provides tailored custom development and enhancements that will make Game & VR the perfect fit for your organization.

Conditions & Variables

A Logical Solution for Game Writing

Create and organize deeper layers of complexity in interactive narratives.

Custom variables can be defined and associated with any component of the script structure and referenced in custom conditions, enabling the integration of representational logical gating into script content that can be easily exported to other toolsets.

Custom Variables

Create and set any number of custom variables using a variety of built-in types and apply them anywhere in your Story Map.

Custom Conditions

Create standalone or nested conditions on any Story Map connection with an easy-to-use literal statement builder that automatically references existing variables and catalog assets.

Variable Heat Map

Instantly review where you have set custom variables in your Story Map with the heat map tool.

Toronto-based Little Guy Games uses Celtx to organize and develop their multi-platform productions – find out why.

“Celtx was instrumental in enabling us to produce our multi-platform game Last Sky – without the Celtx dialogue tools, I don’t know how we would have been able to do it. The available features make it easy to integrate into our development workflows, and were straightforward and easy-to-use. I think Celtx is a great tool for story writing. It makes the process fun, and if you’re using a good tool, the work that you’re producing is just going to be intrinsically more fun.”

Tomek Frencel
CEO, Little Guy Games Inc.
testimonial: Games & VR

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